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27 Oct 2011

Beef Porridge Balls

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Beef Porridge Balls


50g Porridge Oats

100ml beef stock (either water with half a stock cube or stock)


Boil the beef stock and then add the oats. Cook for 5 minutes stirring every now and then.

Cook until very stodgy.

Leave to cool.

Roll into bitesize balls and put in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Feed to your dog as a nice treat, especially in the summer months.

25 Oct 2011

Week 1 – Getting ready to go out.

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So, the first thing that Bo is in desperate need to work on is his excitement at the prospect of going for a walk. From the moment I come downstairs he seems to know what is about to happen!

We have a small hall and putting on shoes is a nightmare to do with a big German Shepherd clumsily bashing around. When I put my shoes on, even to go out with Bo, I have started to make him sit in the kitchen doorway. He is in sight, but out of the way.

The very first thing I do is to get him in position in the doorway and then I tell him to sit and stay. Bo knows both of these commands, however, he seems to have selective hearing when putting them in practice.

He wasn’t very good at staying to begin with, in fact, he moved immediately on the first go. So, I moved him using my body, blocking him so he had to go backwards. Then, I got him to sit again. It did mean that putting my shoes on took some time but, in the long run it will be easier…..I hope!

Next was to put his harness and lead on. I did exactly the same thing here a I did with the shoes. When he moved, I dropped the lead and put him back. He soon realised that he needed to stay, otherwise his walk would start later and later.We do eventually manage the lead, he can contain himself just about, but I need to be quick! And of course, I praise him when he does it, but not in a way that would excite him. A treat or a toy works well. His main praise however, is his nice long walk that he gets after being good to begin with.

He is slowly learning, although he still doesn’t get it right. I think it will take constant training, which is hard, especially when I’m in a rush. But, the hard work will pay off when he knows that he has to sit by himself while I get ready to go out.

For the next week we will be adding on this by trying to get Bo out of the front door without pulling me with him!


24 Oct 2011

Bo’s Training Diary

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Bo has never really been trained formally. This has led to his training being a little bit behind. However, with the help of books and sheer willpower, more on my side than Bo’s, I will try to make him into the perfect (or near enough) dog. I will write about the methods I use, what I have been doing and how Bo is getting along so you can follow us on our adventure to him becoming a better dog! If you have any training methods or any advice you want to share then please comment below or send me a message on twitter @beccasdogblog or on facebook,

Happy Training!

21 Oct 2011

Pet Insurance

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There are clear advantages and disadvantages to getting pet insurance. So, do you do it or not? Hopefully, this article will help explain them to you and help you make an informed decision.


  • If your dog gets injured or falls ill and you cannot afford the vet bills, insurance will help you out.
  • If your dog goes missing, insurance companies often help with advertising and a reward.
  • Perks with some insurers, such as boarding costs should you be hospitalised and holiday cancellation cover should your dog fall ill while you are away.


  • There will be an excess and a limit to how much you can claim, no good if your dog is ill for a substantial amount of time.
  • You will have to pay for the insurance each month and might not ever need to claim.
  • Sometimes, you may need to pay the vet yourself and then claim back, costing you money.

So, there are some things to discuss, if you feel like you can cope with your vets bills should something happen, then insurance may not be for you, particularly in your dogs healthier years. However, if you have an older dog, it may be worth considering.

Various companies offer different benefits from their insurance, for example, multi-pet discounts, legal advice line, grief counseling and public liability.

Here are a few comanpies that offer pet insurance:

  • Tesco
  • Direct Line
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Pet Plan
  • More Than

Just remember, do your research into many companies before making a choice as to which company and what plan you go with.