22 May 2011

How to Get a Pet Passport – It is Easier Than it Seems

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Wouldn’t you love to take your dog with you on holiday instead of putting him in the kennels? Or maybe you are moving, but will want to bring your dog back to the UK. The only way to do this without a quarantine is to get a pet passport. Many government and official websites make the process sound long, confusing and complicated. However, travelling with your dog could not be simpler.

The process starts with a lengthened vet appointment. During this appointment, a microchip is inserted into the dog if he doesn’t already have one. At the same appointment, the dog is given a Rabies vaccination. A couple of weeks after the vaccination comes the blood test, this is a simple five minute appointment. After this you need to wait for the results, this normally takes 3 – 4 weeks, but it depends on how busy the lab is. If your dog’s results are ok, then you get your passport, if not, you repeat the vaccination and blood test step. All this costs around £200 but that depends on the vet.

You can now take your dog out of the country, but cannot bring him back in until 6 months has passed since the blood test. When you do bring your dog back, you need a qualified vet to treat your dog for worms and ticks 24 hours before you enter the UK. This treatment needs to be put into the passport.

So, as long as everything goes smoothly, you can have your passport in time for the summer.


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