22 May 2011

Camping With Dogs

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Camping with dogs can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Going on holiday is far nicer if you do not have to put your dog into the kennels and worry about him or her. The solution to this is to take your dog with you, camping is the best and cheapest way to do this.

First off is finding a campsite. Most campsites do take dogs, but do check, there is sometimes an extra charge for your dog or a limit to how many dogs you can have. Then, you need to look at where it is, whether there is a set place for dogs to run around or whether they will need to be on the lead the whole time. Lastly, if your dog has a tendency to bark, go for a campsite where noise is tolerated, as opposed to finding your dog is too noisy.

Next is planning your time there. Few if any shops and restaurants will allow dogs inside, so remember when you shop for food, or other items one person will have to wait outside with the dog. If you are not going for a long trip, take enough food with you to make it easier. The same goes for recreational places, you will not be able to go into stately homes, museums or galleries. However, there are many things you can do, cycling, walking or viewing stately homes from the gardens. Beach holidays would be fantastic for dogs to have a play in the sea, although be careful when doing this.

There are some things it would be helpful to have with you when camping. If your dog has to be on a lead for the entire time you won’t want to be holding a lead for that length of time. You have some options here; you can attach a long lead to a car wheel or tie two leads together to do the same thing. If you have a smaller dog who will not pull something up out of the ground, you can use a stake to put into the ground, which a lead can be attached to. These can generally be bought in most pet shops. Your dog ay be content lazing around in the sun watching people go by, but if not, it may be worth taking a chew toy to pass the time.

Depending on your dog, your tent needs to be right for him or her to sleep in. I would suggest a separate compartment from your dog to you unless you normally sleep with them in the same bed. If they are in a tent that does not close up along the bottom, it may be worth checking your dog cannot crawl underneath the gap and escape to cause mischief at night. Just remember to take in your dogs food at night to stop the birds waking you up to try to eat it!

The positives of camping outweigh the negatives, all of which can be resolved by careful planning, to allow you to have a fantastic and fun holiday with your dog who will enjoy every minute.

Happy Camping!

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